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the mission

This webpage and all that it contains is an attempt to encourage, cajole and generally move all who visit towards a whole food (non processed), plant based (non animal) diet with an emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables. It is important to have over 50% of the food taken in be raw. The information, suggestions and viewpoints put forth are the culmination of my 35 years of experience living a lifestyle that runs counter to mainstream America. Going against the current is never easy. Making lifestyle changes are always a difficult process, but well worth the effort. It is my belief that the closer you get to a whole food, plant based diet, the better the chances are of attaining and maintaining superior health.That is the sole motive behind this endeavor.



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the message

The current American lifestyle is a mix of bad food, bad drugs and bad habits that encourage the decline of the health of its people and the planet we reside on. Big business has taken over as the arbiter of what people should eat. The bottom line here is money. Don’t be fooled. Look around and see all the unhealthy people.

How can America be the wealthiest and the unhealthiest nation in the world? Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a host of other maladies that plague this country are nonexistent in areas of the world where people eat a plant based diet. The amount of resources used and environmental pollution caused by the factory farming of animals creates a way of life that is completely unsustainable. With the advent of refrigeration and the invention of cellophane, the animal based diet the American people now practice was created. This radical shift in diet in such a short period of time is both unprecedented in the history of mankind and has proven to be a complete failure. This relatively new paradigm of eating habits has been foisted on the American people and the world for one reason; money.

Your health and the lifestyle you go forward with in life are your responsibility. Take in information with an open mind and don’t be fooled by those who are trying to reach into your pocket. This webpage and the information provided here is intended to help improve the health of all who read and implement the basic tenet of a whole food, plant based diet. There are no marketing schemes or profit motives involved.

the theories

It has been my observation that by the time most people reach their mid twenties, the lifestyle and eating habits practiced at that time will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. We are all creatures of habit. The best time to implement a change in lifestyle is between the ages of 17 and 23 years old. It is during these years that we are most open to new ideas.

I would like to dispel any notion that going down this path is only meant for the purists. I’m living proof that being healthy and enjoying all that life has to offer can go hand and hand. The trick is to selectively pick your poison. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that it doesn’t really matter since in the end one thing or another is going to get you anyway. The logic of that kind of thinking falls apart when you get sick. It’s a quality of life issue. There is no quality of life when you feel lousy.

To understand this concept, let’s breakdown everything you put into your body as either a food or a poison. The body uses up a great deal of energy processing whatever is put into it. A food provides your body with nourishment or the means to rid your body of toxins. A poison can range from an actual carcinogen to anything that your body has to use up energy to process so that it can dispose of. For example, when you read the ingredients on a label of a processed food and you start coming across things like preservatives, food colorings and words you can’t pronounce, these are poisons.

There is a great need to be discriminating when it comes to putting poisons in your body. Remember that there are already a number of poisons entering your body everyday through the air you breathe and the water you use. To add to these environmental assaults with items that are easily avoided is folly. Being conscious of what is actually entering your body is the first step in attaining good health. So, pick your poison, just don’t pick them all.

to be continued…

Like life in general, this webpage and the goals it aspires to are a work in progress. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. It is my belief that we truly are all in this together.